The time is now

There has never been a better time for you to get started with genealogy.  

Where once the access to historic records was only available offline, the digitization of records and their online availability have contributed greatly to driving interest in genealogy.  Tools, platforms, resources are continuously being introduced and enhanced.

Yet for the beginner to genealogy, this vast number of access points and choice can be daunting. There are so many different paths to pursue.  

Where to begin? What are the best (and free) resources? How do you research a common Irish surname? What if you know you have Irish ancestry but you're not sure from where in Ireland? What side of the family should you research first?  How should you get organized with research?  These are many of the common questions the beginner asks.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you done some searches, accessed a few sites but you're craving a roadmap, a baseline to make it a little less overwhelming? 

While there are workshops and conferences they may not coincide with your schedule or learning style but what you do know...

You know that you want to get started on this journey now.  You know you want to explore your family history and your Irish heritage.

So it then becomes about about simplifying this journey. How?

Sleuthability Lab, the online course for beginners to Irish genealogy. 


Start building your family tree now




Sleuthability Lab, is the new online course for beginners to Irish genealogy.  Borne out of an interest and passion in genealogy and to inspire beginners to get started, instructor, Bridget Bray created this learning opportunity.

The course is structured to provide key information to get started, a centralized approach for content and a pace set by YOU.  Content is provided through presentation slides, accompanied by audio as well as downloadable reference guides and worksheets.  A dedicated section, the Library, houses all downloadable documents and includes additional reference materials.

Sleuthability Lab presents five modules, within which a series of short lessons break down the module focus.  The modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Getting Organized
  • Module 3: Building the Foundation
  • Module 4: Launching the Research Plan
  • Module 5: Setting the Future Direction

Sleuthability Lab is desktop, tablet and mobile enabled, enabling ease of learning.


What this course will offer

  • The foundation to getting started with Irish genealogy 

  • Course accessibility via multiple devices: smartphone, tablet or desktop 

  • Learning at your own pace - to stop, start, continue the course at any time

  • The identification of free before paid tools and resources 

  • Content via slides (with audio), downloadable reference guides and worksheets

  • The path to getting organized, building your knowledge and launching your research plan

  • The centralization of information pertaining to tips, tools, resources

  • Series of short lessons highlighting the most important "what you need to know" points


The wonderful world of genealogy awaits



Overview of course content


Welcome and introduction to Sleuthability Lab for Beginners to Irish Genealogy, outlining the course content, focus, format and structure.


Sets the stage for the beginner genealogist to getting organized. From factors to consider in selecting paper or digital organization options, to identifying the key organizational priorities, this module outlines the various choices and proposes best strategies when getting started. 


Provides the foundation for key areas of importance when beginning with Irish genealogy research. The lessons detail what to know when getting started, provides an overview on key details regarding Irish history and geography, offers context when researching other regions of the world, and concludes with an overview on various name types and naming patterns.


Begins with a focus on research goals and the management of expectations when getting started. The initial research steps are outlined alongside with the identification of search tools and tips and a selection of various research resources.


The last module follows the completion of the beginner genealogy roadmap outlined in Module 4. The focus turns to setting the future direction of the research and provides a series of options for next steps with recommendations on how to achieve them.

Note: Downloadable reference guides and worksheets are placed within the Library. The Library is a separate section within the course that houses all course reference guides and worksheets plus additional content for use.


In your space, at your own pace


Course Format


    The course is delivered as a presentation with a series of slides per lesson, per module (chapter). Accessibility is via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


    Audio accompanies each slide to provide additional context and information throughout each lesson. Volume can be adjusted down or up based on your preference.


    Each module carries downloadable reference guides and worksheets to accompany the learning. These are found in the Library, a separate section within the course to centralize all downloadable content.


Determining if this course is right for you

Do ANY of the following sound like you? 

  • You are a beginner to Irish genealogy with some or no research conducted to date

  • You are interested in optimizing use of free before paid sources 

  • You are interested in the convenience of learning at your own pace

  • You are looking to streamline time in identifying resources and steps in research

  • You have or believe to have ancestors in Ireland

  • Your schedule doesn't always align with the dates of genealogy conferences or events

  • You seek a foundation to Irish genealogy to identify key focus areas with which to begin

  • You welcome a short course that highlights key points without overwhelm


  • You have not already built your family tree to 500 A.D!


Get started with Irish genealogy


Learn in your own space


  • Accessing the course on your desktop, tablet or mobile device

  • Having the ability to stop, start, continue, pause, fast forward, rewind at any point, when you wish  

  • Accessing learning content via presentation slides, audio, downloadable reference guides and worksheets

  • Learning in your own space, at your own pace

  • Gaining a foundation of how to get started, what tools and steps to undertake - and hunting for your ancestors - in as little as an afternoon of learning!

Sleuthability Lab offers a flexible, accessible and multi-media course designed to enable a custom learning experience.  


About Sleuthability Lab

  • What experience level is this course directed to?

    Sleuthability Lab is geared for beginners to Irish genealogy interested in gaining a baseline of information, tips and recommendations. The course is aimed for those that have just started, done little to no research to date and are new to building out the family tree.

  • How is the course designed?

    Sleuthability Lab is a five module course with a series of short and focused lessons per module. The course provides a foundation to getting started in Irish genealogy. Content is delivered visually (slides) with accompanying audio. Downloadable worksheets and reference guides are also provided.

  • What is the cost of the course?

    The introductory rate for Sleuthability Lab, for beginners to Irish genealogy is $97 USD and includes the course content (five modules with a series of lessons per module), 29 course reference guides and worksheets.

  • Does this course apply to those whose Irish ancestors may be two or more generations back?

    The course sets the foundation of knowledge for the beginner genealogist regardless of whether their own starting point is in Ireland or elsewhere. It is aimed for those interested in learning more about Irish genealogy. Please also see reference to timeframe question.

  • What timeframe does this course cover?

    The course provides learning opportunities beyond just the historical timeframe eg. getting organized, search tools and operators, etc. The primary focus on Irish history and records is from the 1700s onwards.

  • Who is the instructor of the course?

    The course design and delivery is by Bridget Bray, the founder of The Genealogy Event, a multi-year, multi-location genealogy and DNA focused event that has taken place both in the US and Ireland. She also founded and runs the NYC based Irish / British Genealogy Group - to highlight and place the spotlight on various learning and event opportunities in the genealogy and history space. She has led workshops and masterclasses in both the US and Ireland for many Irish organizations such as the Irish Arts Center, New York Irish Center, the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ireland) on getting started with Irish genealogy.

  • What is the support provided throughout the course?

    The course is self-led to allow learning at your own pace. However course support may be directed to the instructor, Bridget Bray via email as well as via the course's private Facebook membership community.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There is a 30 day refund policy. Please refer to the course refund policy for full details, which is found within the course terms and conditions.

  • How long is there access to the course?

    Access to Sleuthability Lab for beginners to Irish genealogy is 12 months from date of enrollment.


Your unique history


Bridget Bray

Bridget Bray, pictured by the gravestone of her ancestors in co. Limerick, optimizing the 'sleuthability' look...of course!

Just over ten years ago, Bridget uncovered that part of her ancestry was Irish.  Having never asked older generations about the family history when they were alive, there was little to no information with which to begin.  There was no knowledge from where in Ireland, no appreciation of the path (and twists and turns) of researching a common surname (and many first names) or where and how best to begin.

Determined to find out more, she researched, read and used numerous genealogy resources, attended conferences, conducted multiple research trips to Ireland, connected with locals, networked with the professional genealogy community and used creative strategies to build out the family tree and story.

In doing so, it spurred an interest and passion to inspire, engage and create opportunities for others to get started with their own research.

In 2009, she formed the New York City based Irish / British Genealogy membership group; in 2012 launched The Genealogy Event, sourcing speakers and building out programs in genealogy and DNA for many years in both the US and Ireland.  

She began undertaking speaking engagements across the Irish community at the Irish Arts Center, the New York Irish Center, several The Genealogy Events and at the Department of Foreign Affairs (of Ireland) 2016 commemoration of the Easter Rising.

As the interest continued to grow in Irish genealogy and more people came forward looking to get started, it sparked an idea.  The idea: the creation of a flexible digital learning opportunity that provided a foundation to getting started: Sleuthability Lab.  

Sleuthability Lab is now a way for Bridget to continue to inspire others to begin with Irish genealogy.


Discover more about your family history